To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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Dover Sherborn Girls Lacrosse- 2021 Player Contract


Our goal is to field the most respected lacrosse teams in the region.  This means having teams that are skilled, committed, organized, show outstanding sportsmanship, are respectful of opponents and officials and have fun whether winning or losing.  To make sure these principals are universally upheld at all times we require each player to read and sign the DS Girls Lacrosse Player Contract prior to the start of this season.  

Please read the contract below, sign and date and return directly to your coaches at the next practice.



I will attend all practices and games unless I am sick or have a significant schedule conflict that must take priority.  I will arrive to practice with enough time to be on the field and ready to play at the designated start time.  This means that I will be dressed to play with weather and temperature considered, all jewelry removed, hair tied back away from my face and gear on with my stick in hand.  I understand that jewelry is prohibited from games and practices for safety.  Once practice begins, my focus will remain on my coaches and the instruction/drills.  I will not engage in distracting conversation during practice, as it is disrespectful to coaches and other players who have made a commitment to be at practice to play lacrosse.  I understand that distracting or negative conversation at practices will not be tolerated.


I will arrive to the field 30 minutes before the scheduled game start time, dressed in uniform and ready to play.  I will demonstrate sportsmanship and support my teammates as detailed below in the player pledge-ROOTS. I will not expect that my coaches play me only at certain positions on the field.  I will remain ready to play on the field at any time, even when standing on the sideline.


Communication about absence or lateness:

We will communicate to you and your parents if a practice or game needs to be cancelled.  In return, we ask that YOU respect the team and coaches by letting us know when you will be late or absent to a practice or game.  This communication should come directly from you to your coaches by text message or email as soon as possible and at least 24 hours before a game.  The coaches’ contact information will be given to you.  If for some reason you cannot communicate this information yourself, please ask a parent or adult to help.


Player Pledge –Team ROOTS

Our TEAM is only as strong and respected as ALL of its players. 

I pledge to strive to be the most respected team on the field.  In order to achieve this, I agree to respect the Dover-Sherborn Girls Lacrosse Program and our ROOTS:


I will strive to learn how the game of lacrosse is played and try my best on the field at all times.   



I will never be disrespectful toward my opponents, even if they are disrespectful to me.



I understand that officials try to do the best job possible on the field and often see or know things that I do not.  If I disagree with an official, I will speak with my coach; I will never talk back to a referee. I will be cooperative and respectful, even if I do not understand a call or if I disagree.



I agree to encourage and support my teammates at all times.  I will treat every player like an important member of the team and with respect.



I will show good sportsmanship at all times whether on the field or off the field.  I will play hard and win or lose with dignity. I will not blame anyone for a loss.



I understand that if I do not respect the ROOTS Pledge above and the DSGL Player Contract, then the coach may ask me to take time off from play, remove me from practices, restrict my play during games or, in extreme circumstances, remove me from the team.





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