To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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The following outlines the DSGYL 2022 SPRING COVID-19 Plan AS GUIDELINE DICTATE TODAY, December 1st, 2021. This document will be updated as additional guidelines are put forth by the State of Massachusetts and the CDC. 

DSGYL is committed to the safety, health and well-being of all participants, coaches and volunteers associated with our program. The purpose of this document is to provide information on how our organization and the Founders League plan to conduct practices and games with specific safety protocols in place related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). There will always remain an inherent risk in participating in sports, but we are committed to plan activities and implement modifications to minimize risk.

The guidelines in this document are based upon rules and regulations, and considerations set forth by State of Massachusetts, the CDC and USLacrosse Massachusetts is currently in Phase III and Step 1 – Girls Lacrosse is classified as “Moderate Risk” which means we may engage in Level 1, 2 & 3 activities as long as minimum standards for modifications are met.

Given the fluid nature of this situation, DSGYL will continue to monitor the information from federal, state and local health authorities, and will provide updates as available.


DSGYL General Protocols:

  • Parents/guardians of each participant and the coaches will be asked to sign our “Assumption of Liability Waiver- COVID-19” Form in order to participate in the DSGYL program.
  • As of now, participants will NOT be required to wear a face covering during practices and games
  • We would prefer not to loan any equipment to participants this season. If your player needs to borrow a stick, we will have sticks available and disinfectant wipes to clean after use. Participants must bring mouth guards and goggles in order to participate – we cannot loan these items to players.
  • Participants may be loaned a reversible pinney at the start of the season (if they do not already own one) and MUST wear at every practice. They may not exchange with other players.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to remain in their vehicles until participants are released for pick up. One Parent/guardian (no siblings) are permitted to walk over to pick up participant if the player must leve practice early or needs a little extra help getting packed up at the end of 
  • Parents/guardians are asked to quickly exit the parking lot after drop-off/pick up and are discouraged from congregating in parking lot area
  • Parents/guardians and siblings are not permitted on the field at practice (please remain in vehicle if you plan on staying at practice)


DSGYL Practice Protocols: (phase III, Step 1, Level 1-3 Activities Minimum Modifications)

  • Fields will not exceed 25 participants with 2-4 coaches, to comply with the Massachusetts Youth Sport Guideline for “Outdoor” play[1]. If we need to use additional fields to accommodate players, we will.
  • Coaches will help participants maintain a minimum of 6-foot distance from their teammates except during competitive play (per phase III, Step 1 recommendations)
  • Coaches will modify practice drills and skills stations so to adhere to 6’ social distancing rules and limit close contact among participants using creative measures such as hula-hoops (younger players) to keep players from standing too close.
  • At each practice and game, an assistant coach will be designated the “COVID Coordinator” in charge of monitoring that players and coaches are maintaining a minimum of 6’ social distance, wearing face coverings, and disinfecting equipment after use.
  • Traditional drills and skills stations will be modified so to minimize sustained close contact
  • Deliberate close contact will be eliminated from practice game play
  • Participants must bring their own individual water bottles and are not permitted to share
  • Participants may handle balls only with sticks, not their hands. Coaches will handle all cones and other equipment, e.g., agility ladder, goals.
  • Goalie equipment will only be used by one specific person per use and disinfectant wipes will be provided to clean after use
  • There will be no sharing of any equipment
  • No celebratory handshakes, high fives or hugging will be permitted
  • Coaches are required to wear face covers at all times.


If Participant or Coach is Sick (non-confirmed COVID-19)

  • If an athlete or Coach has symptoms consistent with COVID 19[2] – they should stay home from practice. The State has recommended that all individuals with COVID symptoms should seek testing. 
  • If a child or coach becomes sick during practice hours, they will be required to isolate

at designated area until a parent/guardian can pick-up (a coach with a valid

license may drive themself home).

  • The participant or coach will be required to remain at home and may not return to practice unless they are asymptomatic for 24 hours and have a negative COVID test.  If the individual chooses to forego testing, they may not return to practice for 10 days from the onset of symptoms and must be asymptomatic for at least 24 hours prior to their return.
  • We will not release any individual’s name or personally identifiable information.
  • All equipment the individual had been in contact with during that day will be disinfected and sanitized prior to the next practice.


If there is a Close Contact COVID-19 infection

  • If a participant or coach is a “close contact” (defined by DPH as within 6 feet of a person with COVID for more than 15 minutes regardless of whether or not a mask was worn) – that person should be in quarantine and may NOT attend practice.   Quarantine is required for 14 days from their last date of contact with the case and is not changed by negative testing (though testing IS strongly recommended for all close contacts).  Even with a negative COVID test – the close contact may not return to practice for 14 days. 
  • If a “close contact” does attend practice and this is identified during practice – practice will be cancelled, and attendees will be sent home.  If this “close contact” is ultimately identified as a case – additional contact tracing and quarantine will occur as appropriate.  If the “close contact” is tested and negative – no further action is required for the other attendees.


If there is a Case of COVID-19

  • If a participant or coach tests positive for COVID-19, a contact trace will be initiated through the Board of Health based on the residential address of the individual.   For disclosure – we may not share anything that could result in individual identification.  We will disclose that a case occurred within the DSGYL community and will communicate which BOH that is managing the contact trace.  The Public Health Nurse will contact close contacts. Families who are worried they MAY be a close contact but have not been contacted are welcome to contact the Public Health Nurse.   The coach will not be able to disclose any additional information
  • All equipment used by the group will be disinfected and sanitized          


COVID Community Prevalence and Practice/Gameplay

  • If Dover-Sherborn is in the “high risk” category as defined by the DPH categorization (>8 cases daily/100,000) – we will pause practice and competition until we are <8/100,000.


Emergency Weather

  • If extreme weather is known before hand, we will cancel practice, and send an email 30min prior to the start of practice.
  • If extreme weather occurs during practice, participants and staff will take shelter where possible, e.g., in cars
    • Notice of emergency pick-up will be emailed to parent/guardian #1 via pre-designed email distribution list of all registered participants.
  • Due to the emergency nature of these events, guidelines may be difficult to adhere to

and the immediate safety of those present will supersede COVID-19 prevention measures outlined in this plan.