To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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Team sports require commitment to the team. In addition to developing individual skills, players must also learn to play with teammates. The shared experience of teamwork is one of the key lessons to be learned from team sports. All players are expected at all practices and games.

From time to time, situations may arise which will cause a player to miss a practice or game. In these situations, a player is expected to contact her coach to report her absence. Frequent unexcused absences can lead to reduced playing time in games.

For systematic conflicts (such as overlapping schedules with other sports/activities), players are expected to discuss the conflict with the DS Girls Lacrosse administration and work out a satisfactory solution which equally shares the conflict with the other sport or activity.  A player who is unable to attend all practices and does not communicate appropriately with her coach can expect reduced playing time in games.