To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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Dover Sherborn Girls Lacrosse Parent Agreement


To our DSGL families,

As coaches we strive for your girls to have fun while improving their lacrosse skills.  Our philosophy is to foster a positive, supportive atmosphere so that all players have a great experience.  To ensure this and be clear about our expectations from you as supporters of our players and teams, we ask that you review the following agreement prior to registering your daughter for the current season.

Thank you for your support,

DSGL Coaches



I will support my daughter’s timely attendance at practice and games (arrival to field 30 minutes prior to game start time), with all necessary gear and equipment and carpool as needed to ensure that she arrives to practice on time.  I will remind her to notify her coaches directly and in a timely fashion of any lateness or absence (see player contract). I understand that distracting or disrespectful conversation or behaviors at practices will not be tolerated and may result in restriction of a player’s participation at practices or games.


Parent Sportsmanship at Games:

I will encourage and set a good example for my daughter to learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. I agree to encourage my daughter and her team to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat - all while having fun! 



I agree that encouragement and showing interest in the team is important. I will support my daughter’s work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game.  I will remind them that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory! 


Positive recognition

I will applaud good plays by my daughter’s team as well as recognize good plays by the opposing team. 

I will also recognize and applaud good efforts and positive behaviors by my daughter and her teammates.


Remembering that lacrosse is supposed to be fun: 

I recognize that my daughter is the one playing lacrosse, not me. I understand that it is important to let girls establish their own goals in this sport- to play the game for themselves. I will not impose my own standards on them or pose a burden to win games. I will remember that my daughter plays lacrosse for the fun and love of the sport!


Refrain from being a sideline coach or referee:

I recognize that my daughter’s coaches are parents just like me and volunteer their time to help make youth lacrosse a positive experience. I will refrain from coaching or refereeing from the sidelines. I recognize that there are always opportunities for me to coach or referee more formally myself. I understand that it is important for players at this level to have opportunities to try a range of positions on the field and will support the concept of our team developing “complete” lacrosse players with both offensive and defensive skills.


Our league, FGLL, has a Zero Tolerance Policy for misconduct of players, coaches and followers (spectators). The Official Rules for Girls’ & Women's Lacrosse (Rule 18E, Rule 19B-2) states that misconduct by team followers may result in a penalty assessed to the coach. These carding procedures culminate in the suspension of the coach or team follower and ultimately could result in a forfeit of the game.

FGLL defines misconduct as any action taken by an individual that interferes with the safety and/or sportsmanship of the game. This includes verbal comments about the performance of the players on either team, coaches and umpires. Penalties assessed for misconducts to coaches and/or followers shall be reported to the FGLL Competition Committee. Repeated incidents by an individual or a group of individuals will be reviewed by the FGLL Board of Directors and can result in the offending team or program being removed for the league.


By registering my daughter for DSGL, I agree to support the principals detailed above.